Lesson Overview: Romans 14:1–15:13

This is lesson 5 of 6 in Living Sacrifices.

  • Main Point of the Passage: Paul told the Christians in Rome to accept each other without passing judgment on disputable matters.
  • Main Point of the Lesson: Christians should accept each other without passing judgment on disputable matters.
  • Main Application of the Lesson: Participants will maintain unity and peace when they disagree with a fellow Christian on a disputable matter.
  • Key Verse: Romans 15:1, “Now we who are strong have an obligation to bear the weaknesses of those without strength, and not to please ourselves.”
  • Word Studies: Accept/welcome in Romans 14:1


Leader Preparation

To prepare for this lesson, write your own answers to each of the questions below. You will share some of your answers with the group, but make it your goal to talk less than 20% of the Bible study time. Ask the questions, listen to your group, and let them carry the Bible study. You’ll be amazed.

Discussion Questions

Once everyone in your group is sitting in a circle, say, “Here’s the first question. Everyone answers the first question, and it’s just for fun.” Then read the first question, pause, and listen to your group’s answers.

Smile Question: If you could implant one skill into your brain, what skill would you choose?

Share Question: What are some common issues that sincere Christians disagree on?

Introduce the Passage: Christians should accept each other without passing judgment on disputable matters. In Romans 14:1–15:13, that’s what Paul told the Christians in Rome to do. In this passage, Paul gave a few examples of disputable matters:

  • eating everything versus eating vegetables only (v. 2)
  • observing special days (v. 5)
  • drinking wine (v. 21)

  • Optional:Have a member of your group either recite the passage from memory or give a detailed summary of the passage from memory.
  • Optional: Have a member of your group present their word study on the following word(s): Accept (also translated “welcome”)  in Romans 14:1

Study Question: As we read Romans 14:1–15:13, let’s list God’s expectations for the “weak” and His expectations for the “strong” in disputable matters.

Connect-the-Dots Question: Paul addressed the same issue when he wrote to the Christians in Corinth. Let’s read 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 And 1 Corinthians 10:14-33 then see if what we can add to the chart we made for the previous question.

Count-the-Cost Question: Make two columns and list as many examples as you can of disputable matters and clear issues. Add another column for issues where the Bible provides principles for living, but not necessarily clarity. (Be patient and kind. Group members may disagree often during this exercise.)

Let’s-Do-It Question: Tell us about a disputable matter that affects your life then tell us what you learned from today’s Bible study that will help guide you in that matter.

Prayer: Father, teach us to accept our brothers and sisters who disagree with us on disputable matters. Help us to be fully convinced in our own minds. Teach us to live in a way that honors you and builds up our brothers and sisters.



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