Good News for the Humble CoverLesson Overview

This is lesson 2 of 4 in the Good News for the Humble series, a Christmas and New Year’s study of Luke 1–2.

  • Main Point of the Passage: Mary responded with humility when she learned that she would be the mother of Jesus.
  • Main Point of the Lesson: Jesus’ coming is good news for the humble.
  • Main Application of the Lesson: Participants will recognize their humble state before God and praise him for his mercy.
  • Key Verse: Luke 1:46–48, CSB “And Mary said: My soul praises the greatness of the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, because he has looked with favor on the humble condition of his servant. Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed…”


Leader Preparation

To prepare for this lesson, write your own answers to each of the questions below. You will share some of your answers with the group, but make it your goal to talk less than 20% of the Bible study time. Ask the questions, listen to your group, and let them carry the Bible study.

Discussion Questions

Once everyone in your group is sitting in a circle, say, “Here’s the first question. Everyone answers the first question, and it’s just for fun.” Then read the first question, pause, and listen to your group’s answers.

Smile Question: What’s your most likely reaction when somebody scares or surprises you?

Share Question: What would have been scary about being the mother of Jesus?

Introduce the Passage:  Jesus’ coming is good news for the humble. In Luke 1:26–56, Mary responded with humility when she learned that she would be the mother of Jesus.

  • Optional: If you’re using the optional homework, have a member of your group either recite the passage from memory or give a detailed summary of the passage from memory.
  • Optional: Have a member of your group present their word study on the following word(s):
    • “Humble” in Luke 1:48

Study Question: As we read this passage, let’s list answers to this question: What was humble about Mary’s circumstances or her response?

Possible answers include:

  • She was from a humble town (v. 26)
  • Her response to the angel was fear (v. 29-30)
  • She called herself the Lord’s slave (v. 38)
  • She submitted to God (v. 38)
  • She praised God (v. 46)
  • She acknowledged her humble position (v. 48)
  • She acknowledged her need for God’s mercy (v. 50)

Connect-the-Dots Question: Why is Jesus’ coming especially good news for the humble?

Count-the-Cost Question: Tell about a time you experienced the type of pride that creates a barrier between you and God.

Let’s-Do-It Question: What would it mean for you to respond with humility to the story of Jesus?

Prayer: Father, thank you for showing mercy to your servants. Give us the humility to recognize our need for you and praise you for showing your favor to us. Amen.

Optional homework for next time: After your group discussion and prayer, distribute the following pages to volunteers in preparation for your next Bible study.

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